Where Should I Install My CCTV Security Camera System?

Cctv installation

CCTV security camera systems are a popular security solution for homeowners and businesses. These cameras provide excellent surveillance that prevents criminal activity and deters intruders.

Knowing where to place your cameras is essential to the effectiveness of your recordings. In this guide, we’ll break down some of the locations where you will and will not want to have your CCTV security systems installed.

Where to Install CCTV Security Recording System Inside?

First, let’s talk about where you should definitely install CCTV home systems.

Entry Areas

Make sure to place a security camera system at any interior access points including overhead doors, entryways, sliding doors, and even large windows that are readily accessible from roadways. This will ensure you always capture video of everyone entering and exiting the building.

Common Areas

Kitchens, living rooms, and any other areas where people congregate in your home would be good places to have cameras. If you commonly entertain guests in specific areas you’ll want to keep cameras there as well.

High Value Areas

Do you have certain areas in your home where you keep a lot of valuables like jewelry, weapons, or electronics? If so, you’ll want to have some type of surveillance in this area. If you’re being watched or spied on by a potential intruder, they might already be aware of this area of your home.

Where to Install CCTV Security Camera System Outside?

It’s important to secure your home’s exterior with a CCTV WiFi security camera that automatically connects to a surveillance system inside. Here are some areas you’ll want to focus on.

Driveways and Garages

Make sure to install cameras to monitor who comes in and out of your garage. This can be a common area for burglars and vandals. Don’t forget about the mandoors in your garage as well.

Gates and Fences

Set up cameras at any exterior gates that access your yard. If you have fences that run along roadways or areas that can be accessed, this is a very common point of access for people breaking in. This is especially important if you have outdoor valuables in your yard such as an outdoor kitchen or bar.

Where are Security Systems CCTV Never Allowed?

You should never install CCTV security camera systems in bathrooms, bedrooms, public areas, or in the direction of neighbors’ properties.

Are Night Vision Security Cameras Worth It?

Color night vision security cameras are an excellent addition to your CCTV system, as they can provide clear images even in low-light conditions.

Final Thoughts

Understanding where to put your CCTV security camera system is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your surveillance. Keep all these locations in mind and if you haven’t ordered your system yet, you can order it today right here!

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