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The Latest Advancements in Camera Recorder Technology

High-tech home security camera.

Camera recorders, like any piece of modern technology, are constantly experiencing updates. Sometimes these updates come in the form of software. While other times the hardware is made to be a bit more sophisticated, such as mini recorder cameras. But the trend of updating technology isn’t limited to making powerful recorders smaller. There are all […]

The Benefits of Cloud-based Business Security Camera Systems

Security person monitoring surveillance feeds.

It seems that just about everything has taken to the cloud these days. And it’s no secret that for business, cloud-based technologies have been a game changer. As a business owner, you have seen this trend. Or perhaps you’re part of the decision-making team, in which case you have even considered the benefits. One of […]

How Important Is it Having an Indoor Security Camera With Audio Vs One Without Audio?

Person using indoor security camera with audio at work to check on property

When it comes time to choose an indoor security camera system, there are a lot of considerations. Not only do you want a system with the best video quality and ample cloud storage, but you can also choose between features like motion detection, night vision, and audio. Now, you might think that audio isn’t an […]

Which Security Camera Should I Buy? WiFi Security Camera or Wired?

WiFi security camera placed on the wall of a home

When looking for a new security camera system, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a wireless or wired system. Wired security camera systems have long been the standard and are known for being reliable. However, wireless systems are gaining popularity due to their convenience and advanced features.  […]

Is a 4k Security Camera a Better Option Than 1080p?

White video surveillance camera mounted to a wall

When it comes to protecting your property, you need a reliable, high-end security camera that offers high resolution and superior image quality. 1080p and 4k security cameras are two of the most widely used video surveillance cameras among business and property owners. So how do you decide which one to pick? The answer will depend […]

4 Products to Compliment Your Business’ Camera Security System

Camera security systems are an integral part of protecting your business premises.

Security is a priority for any business. A breach in security, no matter how small, could cost your business money and can give you a bad reputation. Of course, the latter will lead to a decrease in customers. That’s why you must invest in solid security systems that reduce the incidence of break-ins. As a […]