This review is edited in light of the excellent help I received from the tech.

I bought two of these. The first immediately worked, the second had an earlier chipset and would only work with Internet Explorer. The company replaced this with a new one, which at first didn’t work either, but by dint of updating its software did actually work too. You can’t look at them using Safari over an iPad, apparently (though Edge or IE on a PC works fine), but the app called Danale is able to monitor the cameras.
The tech was indeed very helpful, so now I recommend this product if you are willing to hang in there if necessary to get it to work in your application.

Roland Aldridge

A seriously excellent security camera!!!

The adjustable lens and focus control guaranteed that I got exactly the image I wanted. IP control are easy to work with and connect.

James Will
Kim W.

I had some issues setting up this camera. I’m happy that it works as expected/intended.

So, the camera comes with a set ip address of Many routers have default subnet masks set to Depending on your NVC system, the camera may not be identified. If you cannot find the camera attached to your NVC unit or network, try setting the subnet mask of your network to Once you have manually adjusted the IP address using the provided software of the unit, you can reset your subnet mask back to if you wish.

Additionally, the motion detection of the camera does not work. I had to set motion detection to the camera recording software I am using. That worked…

Jay M.