Color Night Vision Camera

Great Contrast

Better contrast provides a broad spectrum of colors for easier visibility and detection.

More Detail

Color gives extra detailed information that can identify a person or object.

Full Color

Give your security an extra boost with a full spectrum of colors even in low light.


What is Color Night Vision?


Color night vision is a camera feature using powerful light sensors to record full color in minimal light. With this improved feature, you get more detail and contrast in night time video recording for the extra security comfort.


Different Types of Night Vision


A nightvision image of a tree with a house in the background

Black/White Night Vision

With no ambient light, cameras switch to infrared to compensate. Infrared lights illuminate dark scenes for clear black and white video capture.

A house lit up with Christmas lights

Fulltime Color Night Vision

Cameras will continue to record in full color as long as there is enough ambient light. Very little light is needed for select cameras to capture color.

A nightvision shot of a car parked on the street

Starlight Color Night Vision

These light-sensitive cameras slow down shutter speed to capture more light in extremely low light situations in order to continue recording in color.

Conditions Illumination (Lux)
Sunlight 107,527
Full Daylight 10,752
Overcast Day 1,075
Very Dark Day 107
Twilight 10.8
Deep Twilight 1.08
Full Moon .108
Quarter Moon .0108
Starlight .001
Overcast Night .0001
2 night vision cameras placed next to each other

Installation Tips

These cameras perform best near external light sources outside houses or buildings. Color night vision turns off if there is no ambient light and/or the camera no longer is able to absorb the light. Cameras will switch to black/white infrared to ensure quality video recording.

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