DVR Vs NVR: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for You?

Man watching a remote security feed of his home

If you are in the market for a new security camera system, understanding the difference between a DVR Vs NVR system is critical. While there are advantages of DVR, as well as NVR advantages, one might be more right for you than the other. Let’s break down the differences between DVR vs NVR security systems. […]

Best Practices for Installing and Maintaining Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Security camera in a modern business building.

Commercial video surveillance systems are a crucial component when it comes to the safety of your business. In fact, when a security camera system is present, crime reduces by 47%. And many business owners have taken these numbers to heart, with more expected to do so. For example, the number of security cameras installed increased […]

Key Features to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera System with Night Vision

Video camera lens.

Serious about your night time camera system? If so, then it is worth considering a wireless outdoor security camera system with night vision. After all, bells and whistles can make a big difference when it comes to the different types of outdoor security cameras. Here are some key features to look for in an outdoor […]

The Best 4k Security Camera Systems for Different Types of Properties

Woman watches the monitor of security footage.

You have a lot of options when it comes to your security camera systems. In fact, it sometimes feels like these options are endless. But, before you start to feel overwhelmed, think about the benefit of having different systems to consider. Each camera has its own attributes, making them ideal for certain scenarios. It’s your […]

Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System: Everything You Need to Know

Wireless security camera on a home roof.

Outdoor security camera systems with wireless functionality have been a game changer for homeowners everywhere. The same can be said of business owners who want to protect their property. But outdoor security camera systems are not all the same. And depending on what type of home security you are looking for, there are different options […]

The Pros and Cons of Wired vs. Wireless Surveillance Systems

Technician installing a wired security camera.

Thanks to constantly improving technologies, you have options when it comes to surveillance systems. Whether you’re looking for your home or business, there are specifics that might interest you. From color night vision security cameras to audio, the options are nearly limitless. Shop our surveillance systems today! It’s fair to say that an abundance of […]

Features to Look for in a Wireless Security Camera System with Remote Viewing

Viewing home security footage on a phone.

Technology continues to improve every aspect of home security camera systems. And the same can be said for businesses invested in safeguarding their assets. From vivid colors and high definition to audio recording, security systems are making people feel more comfortable. One such technological advancement is cameras that connect to phones. Indoor and outdoor wireless […]

The Latest Advancements in Camera Recorder Technology

High-tech home security camera.

Camera recorders, like any piece of modern technology, are constantly experiencing updates. Sometimes these updates come in the form of software. While other times the hardware is made to be a bit more sophisticated, such as mini recorder cameras. But the trend of updating technology isn’t limited to making powerful recorders smaller. There are all […]