Are Night Vision Security Cameras Worth it for Low-Light Areas?

Night vision security camera capturing burglar entering home at night

It’s no surprise that burglars and vandals target properties when they think no one is home. That’s why the most common times for home break-ins occur between 10 am and 3 pm, according to Safety Insights, when people are at work.

But what about businesses and homes that sit empty overnight? Security cameras with night vision are a great way to monitor your property 24/7 or keep an eye on low-light areas no matter the time.

Read on to learn how night vision security cameras can give you peace of mind every area of your property is monitored day and night.

How Do Night Vision Security Cams Work?

Security cameras with night vision have two distinct features that allow them to capture video in the dark. Infrared cameras utilize infrared lights to illuminate dark scenes. Infrared lights are invisible to the human eye but are utilized in many technologies.

Infrared night vision security cams offer a clear black and white video capture. This is ideal for areas where there’s no ambient light or an outdoor security camera system.

There’s also the option for color night vision cameras. These business and home security cameras use powerful light sensors to record full color in minimal light. For this reason, they perform best near an external light source and don’t capture color if the camera is no longer able to absorb light.

With color night vision, you get more detail and contrast in night time video recording for extra security and comfort. It can work as both an outdoor or indoor camera but works best with ambient light.

Do Night Time Security Cameras Work in Complete Darkness?

As you can see, not all night time security cameras with night vision work in complete darkness. Infrared cameras can work without ambient light, while color night vision requires at least some ambient light.

Before choosing a night vision surveillance system, consider where it will be placed and if any light will be present.

Do Night Vision Cameras Work in Daylight?

Yes! Many business and home security cameras with night vision work both day and night. By using high-intensity infrared LED technology, images can be captured 24/7.

Just remember that some ambient lighting always provides the best results for night surveillance. Consider installing some lighting alongside your security system.

Using Night Vision Surveillance in Low-Light Areas

Since night vision security cameras offer the best quality video footage with ambient light, they’re perfect to use in low-light areas around your property. At home, this may mean monitoring your front porch or garage where you can leave a light on overnight. For businesses, these cameras are perfect for surveilling warehouses and offices 24/7 since ambient lighting is nearly always present.

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