Key Features to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera System with Night Vision

Video camera lens.

Serious about your night time camera system? If so, then it is worth considering a wireless outdoor security camera system with night vision. After all, bells and whistles can make a big difference when it comes to the different types of outdoor security cameras.

Here are some key features to look for in an outdoor security camera system with night vision.

1. Person Detection

The technology surrounding person detection has come a long way. For instance, just because there is movement in your backyard, doesn’t always indicate there is a person. It is not uncommon for animals to trigger movement warnings or activate motion lights.

However, with person detection, your night time camera will single out the person specifically. This is especially helpful on a doorbell camera, where seeing who is there is important.

2. Weather Resistant

Some outdoor security camera types can withstand weather better than others. And you don’t want rain or snow getting in the way of your home security system, which wouldn’t be working in your favor if that were true.

It’s true that there are common notions that crime rates go down when there is bad weather. However, is it really worth taking the chance? The point of your color night vision security camera is to work around the clock, in good weather and bad. Don’t settle for anything less than a night time camera that is weather resistant.

Surveillance camera at night among the stars.

3. Video Quality

Having a grainy or muffled picture defeats the purpose of an outdoor security camera with night vision. You should have a clear and vibrant picture at all hours of the night. And this is achievable with WiFi security cameras just as it is with wired ones.

Some consumers believe that WiFi security cameras don’t capture video that is as high quality as wired cameras. This is simply not the case; in fact, the best battery WiFi cameras provide excellent video quality.

High video quality simply leads to a higher usage of data. Therefore, it is worth having additional cloud storage for your footage. Your home’s size and number of cameras you utilize will play a role in the amount of storage you need. A professional can help you navigate these finer details.

4. Audio

Audio is another feature that technology has made better when it comes to night time cameras. We never want to think of rewatching or reviewing our surveillance footage to capture a criminal. And yet, this is precisely why we have an outdoor security camera system.

Audio can be especially helpful on video doorbells. Usually, this audio plays a role in real time, as opposed to reviewing footage afterward. This audio can let you know who is at the door so you know if you should open it or not. If nothing else, this establishes peace of mind.

All Sorts of Features

Different types of outdoor security cameras with night vision come with different features. The bottom line is to assess your needs, and choose a night time camera system that meets those needs. Our team of professionals can help you nail down the night time camera that makes sense for you.

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