The Pros and Cons of Wired vs. Wireless Surveillance Systems

Technician installing a wired security camera.

Thanks to constantly improving technologies, you have options when it comes to surveillance systems. Whether you’re looking for your home or business, there are specifics that might interest you. From color night vision security cameras to audio, the options are nearly limitless.

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It’s fair to say that an abundance of options can feel overwhelming, especially to someone who has never purchased home security cameras before. Plus, many of these technologies go beyond what traditional cameras have done in the past.  But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

We can answer all of your questions when it comes to choosing the right surveillance system. And one of the most common questions we get is whether wireless VS wired surveillance camera systems are better. The short answer is that there are pros and cons to both wired and wireless security.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Security

Firstly, we need to dispel a misunderstanding about wireless security. There are many consumers who believe that wireless home security cameras are the same as WiFi security cameras. This is not the case. Specifically, just because something is wifi enabled, doesn’t mean it’s wireless.

When we discuss wired vs. wireless security, we’re talking about the power lines, or lack of. A wireless 5G security camera would likely rely on wifi for convenience, for instance, but doesn’t have to.

Wireless security camera systems mean they are battery powered so you can put them anywhere in your home or office, inside or outside. This makes for great flexibility with your surveillance system. You also won’t have to worry about putting holes in your wall for power, or running cables outside the home.

And since they are battery powered cameras, they will continue to work if your power goes out, for example. This is another advantage that many homeowners prefer. But in that regard, relying on batteries is a two-sided coin. If you don’t keep up with changing your batteries, you will find yourself without a power source.

Wireless outdoor security camera.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wired Security

A wired system means that your surveillance cameras are connected to a power outlet. Or, if a power outlet is not nearby, then cables are run through the home, fence, etc. It is clear to see that this wired connection makes for a much more permanent surveillance system.

There are many homeowners who are willing to run the cables because they don’t want to change batteries. This is understandable, and if you don’t have power outage problems, it makes sense.

However, wired cameras come with additional factors of their own to consider. For instance, if you have wired cameras outside your home, you need to protect the cables. This isn’t to say you are limited to where you place your cameras, just need to protect them.

Squirrels or other critters can damage exposed wires along a fence or on the exterior of a shed. Therefore, you just want to make sure your wires are covered from the elements and from curious critters. It is likely you would take this step for aesthetics regardless, so not a major concern overall.

Find the Surveillance System that’s Right for You

Another question we often hear is “How much are security cameras?” As discussed, this is also a fair question. However, like the options available to you regarding the surveillance system, you have options in cost as well.

There are all sorts of options when it comes to home or business surveillance systems. And they don’t all cost the same. This is for good reason. For instance, a particular business might require 8 cameras, while your business only requires 4.

The best bet is to speak with our professionals and get something that works for you. Both in terms of adequate security and in terms of cost.

Whether that means wired or wireless surveillance cameras. Or whether that means audio mics or motion detectors. We have whatever type of surveillance camera system you need.

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