3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Color Night Vision Camera

House at night with a gate in front.

Nothing puts you at ease quite like a color night vision security camera system. After all, the point of the security system is to be able to monitor the surroundings of your home. And this includes the evening and late night hours.

It is no secret that a burglar prefers to operate when there is less visible light. In fact, only 25% of break-ins happen during the day. That means night is when you need your security system at its prime. And naturally, this leads to the need for a color night vision security system.

And full color night vision has come a long way in terms of technology. This is due to not only the specificity of colors, but also the resolution in the camera. And these are a couple of factors that are worth considering when choosing a color night vision security system.

But they are not the only factors. Technology has improved security cameras as well as provided options. Read on to learn more about choosing a color night vision system that makes sense for you.

1. WiFi?

Many homeowners prefer to trust their home surveillance to a WiFi security camera system. Since most homes already make use of WiFi, it makes sense to add a security system. This will enable you to send and receive data instantly, without having to look at a central hookup.

Want to view your camera on your phone in real time? With WiFi color night vision security camera systems you can do so. Opt for a camera system with remote monitoring and you’ll be all set.

A thief next to a house at night captured by a security camera.

2. Audio?

If there is someone creeping around your property, you want to hear them in addition to seeing them. This can be helpful to you, or perhaps to the authorities should a burglar’s voice be needed.

But audio doesn’t have to be intended for burglars alone. For instance, you likely want to install a security camera at your front door. By choosing a color night vision camera with audio, you can easily know who the person is.

3. Storage?

Most homeowners don’t think of storage when they think of home surveillance. However, higher quality images and finer color means more data. At the end of the day, all of your security footage is data, and it has to be stored somewhere.

You might be one to delete previous data after a certain amount of time. Or you might be a person who wants to keep records. If you are purchasing your color night vision camera for your business, then this might be the case.

There is nor right or wrong amount of storage. The most important factor is to make sure to choose a security camera system that has enough for your purposes.

Plenty of Options

This is by no means a complete list, but this should get you started in the right direction. By choosing to trust a color night vision security system, you are already making a good choice. From there, you can work with the professionals and find something that really suits your needs.

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