The Best 4k Security Camera Systems for Different Types of Properties

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You have a lot of options when it comes to your security camera systems. In fact, it sometimes feels like these options are endless. But, before you start to feel overwhelmed, think about the benefit of having different systems to consider. Each camera has its own attributes, making them ideal for certain scenarios. It’s your job to figure out which security camera system can serve you best.

If you are purchasing a security camera system for your home, you have different concerns than security solutions for your business. And the type of 4K home security camera you install might depend on the location. It’s not as simple as, “Who makes the best 4K security camera system?”

A more accurate type of question should pertain to the placement and property. Is the camera going in the backyard, doorbell, at the front gate, or somewhere else?

Questions pertaining to the property itself will help you nail down the best 4K home security camera system for your home. Additionally, they will help get the best 4K security camera system for your business as well.

Consider some of the factors below, and get the best 4K security camera system for your needs.

4K Video

Before we break down all the factors, let’s highlight the importance of having 4K video. A 4K 30FPS security camera system provides a vivid picture in any location. After all, the point of having a security solution is to see what is happening. 4K cameras have top notch video quality, which is a necessity.

But you should be mindful that 4K video can take up more video storage than lesser video quality footage. This is because a sharper picture with finer details uses more data. The best 4K security camera system will account for this by having ample storage. But, it is worth being mindful of.

A security camera above a business parking lot.

Location Informs the Details

If you are installing a security camera by your front door, features like facial recognition are important. You want to be able to clearly see who is there with a clear and vivid picture. Additionally, motion detection and person detection at your door is beneficial. Maybe more beneficial than other places.

If you are installing a security camera system in your sprawling backyard, then WiFi security cameras are likely your best bet. You want your cameras to be flexible so you can move them if need be. You also don’t want to have a series of wires stretching to different parts of your yard.

Color night vision is always popular just about anywhere. However, it plays a more significant role in outdoor cameras. This is because color night vision helps separate the various aspects of the footage. For example, if a burglar is standing among a grouping of trees, color night vision will help spot them.

This would not be as necessary if you were placing a security camera in a garage, for instance. While it certainly wouldn’t hurt, it’s clear to see the benefits of having such technology outside.

Unique Tools for Unique Properties

Each property is different. Therefore, the best 4K security camera system is the one that meets the specific needs of that property. Your best bet is to speak with the professionals and choose a security system that works for you.

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  1. Brenda chilson says:

    We have a Zosi 4 camera NVR system that is just not doing what we need. Movement triggers cameras to come on but they do not record soon enough! Vehicle travels in front of cameras but by the time recording occurs it is has gone by! Looking for replacement AND INSTANT recording triggered by movement

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