DVR Vs NVR: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for You?

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If you are in the market for a new security camera system, understanding the difference between a DVR Vs NVR system is critical. While there are advantages of DVR, as well as NVR advantages, one might be more right for you than the other.

Let’s break down the differences between DVR vs NVR security systems. And let’s find out what makes the most sense for you.


NVR stands for Network Video Recorder while DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. And the main difference between the two is how they process raw video data.

A DVR captures footage through an analog camera and converts this footage into a digital format. This step is necessary since analog cameras are unable to process video at the source where it’s received. Therefore, the raw video feed is passed to the recorder, where it’s processed into a digital format. From this point, the footage can be viewed, stored, or accessed live.

On the other hand, an NVR typically works exclusively with digital footage. With an NVR security system, you are dealing with IP Cameras. Because of this, the footage can be processed directly and then transferred to the recorder. This is typically done through an ethernet cable, unless you have WiFi security cameras.

Based on this alone, it is clear that NVR camera systems save a step in the process. There are many homeowners who feel that the choice is obvious. And to be fair, it is for most people. And yet, DVR camera systems are not yet obsolete, and there are still advantages of each to consider.

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Advantages of DVR and NVR Security Systems

There is more flexibility when it comes to NVR security camera systems. This is because there are fewer wires to deal with overall. Additionally, because they are connected to the network, they provide the option for remote viewing. Remote viewing has become a popular option for homeowners across the country.

Additionally, video quality is higher with NVR security cameras. If you are installing a color night vision security camera, for example, image quality matters. However, NVRs do have higher upfront costs, since they are considered superior with more features.

Additionally, NVR security systems are also reliant on the network. While this comes with many benefits, it also means your service could be interrupted if the network fails.

For most homeowners, the pros and cons of NVR systems outweigh those of DVR systems. While DVR systems have lower upfront costs, you are limiting yourself to analog cameras. Since these cameras have lower video quality, you are already limiting yourself and your efforts.

And further to that point, updates to video camera technology are not going to be compatible. As technology continues to improve, the analog camera systems are going to be left behind. Again, this is not the case currently, but there is no question where the trajectory is headed.

That being said, your situation might be ideal for a DVR security system. It is always worth speaking to a professional about your space, and choosing the option that makes the most sense.

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    the plug-in that is supplied via download on the UC application; well,
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