What To Look For When Buying a Home Surveillance System for Your Home or Business

Using a tablet to check home surveillance system

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, protecting your property should be towards the top of your priorities. Installing a surveillance system will ensure that you not only scare thieves away but are able to get them on camera if they decide to proceed anyway.

The average person is not possessed with the knowledge necessary to understand various remote home surveillance systems so this guide will help you learn what factors are most important.

What Should I Look for When Buying Home Surveillance Recording Systems?

When you’re looking for a home or business surveillance system, here are some important features to look for.

1800p Video Quality

The quality of the picture when you look at your home surveillance systems monitor is critical. You need clear footage that can help you identify individuals and vehicles on your property.

Color Night Vision

Having a color night vision security camera provides you with a clear image even in low light conditions. This can help you identify clothing and vehicle colors that the suspect may have had the night of the incident.

Remote Viewing

You need a home surveillance system with remote viewing to ensure you have to keep an eye on your property when you’re not there. This feature can be especially beneficial for business owners who need to keep an eye on their property after hours. Our wifi security cameras offer remote access.

What Questions to Ask When Buying a Security System?

When learning how to choose a home surveillance system, you might be faced with a lot of decisions. You’ll have to determine which features are most important and what you can go without. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask before opening up your wallet.

What is the warranty on the system? – Every security system comes with some form of warranty that covers it against manufacturer defects.

What is included? (cameras, monitors, tablets, etc) – A camera can record issues on your property, but where does that information go? Your camera should come with a phone application, monitors, tablets, and a control center in your building.

Can I expand my system in the future? – This is a common question we get asked a lot and the answer depends on the type of system you get.

What is the total cost of installation? – You want to know the total cost of the surveillance system including installation.

What type of ongoing technical support is offered? – Besides mechanical issues, technical issues are likely to arise at some point. What type of support is offered?

What is the Difference Between Surveillance and Security?

Surveillance is the act of monitoring your property using cameras whereas security is the measures you actually take to secure your property. A home surveillance system is a measure you can take to improve your overall security.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a security camera system or a complete surveillance system with multiple monitors, it’s important that you have some form of surveillance on your property. We offer superior security camera systems, a two-year warranty, and unlimited support from our expert team.

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