The Best Wired Security Camera Systems for Small Businesses

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Small businesses have quite a bit to think about. If you are a small business owner, or involved in the day-to-day operations of a small business, you are likely wearing a great many hats. This is exciting, especially when the business is new and making headway. But it also puts a significant workload on your plate, and can even be stressful if things start slipping through the cracks. However, there are tools to help support you and your small business in all of your efforts. Least of all—safety and security.

Some small businesses don’t think of security at first. They think about the products or services they provide, how to execute upon client demand, and how to turn a profit to become a successful business. And while these are all important elements, safety and security is crucial and should not be overlooked.

From the safety of employees to the security of inventory or additional tools and assets that are used to run the business, no business is too small for a professional security camera system.


Just as your small business is unique, your security system should be as well. For example, is part of your business outside, or are you primarily a small storefront? If you have a parking lot, for instance, you might want to consider professional outdoor security cameras. But again, your options aren’t limited to simply having cameras or not, as you might be interested in camera systems that make use of wifi and store data on a cloud server. On the other hand, you might want to have hard copies of what is going on on your business exterior, and therefore might be considering an outdoor security camera system with DVR capabilities.

Before choosing a professional security system, have an understanding of what you are trying to keep safe and secure, and what sorts of factors you want your security system to prevent. This will help you nail down the type of camera system your business needs.

Waterproof exterior security cameras.

Wired vs. Wireless

The differences between the best wireless security camera systems and those that make use of traditional wiring are not so cut and dry. Sure, wireless security cameras can lend a bit of freedom to your efforts, allowing you to place them more precisely where you might want them, or even cover a larger terrain, but it’s important to note that this distance can also hamper the camera in certain ways, or regarding certain factors.

This is not to say that wireless security cameras are ineffective, because they are incredibly so, but they do come with certain limitations as they rely on wifi and battery power. If you have too many cameras sharing your wifi bandwidth at once, the picture quality and resolution might suffer a bit. Again, if the wireless route meets your goals and security needs, then take a look here at some of the best wireless security camera systems available.

Best Wired Security Camera Systems

It’s tough to dispute the benefits of tangible reliability, which is why wired security systems remain so popular to this day. And just because these security systems rely on physical connectivity doesn’t mean the technology involved isn’t constantly improving.

HD POE security cameras can provide a stunning picture with 24 hours of constant recording, but that is only the beginning. Some options boast two-way audio, while others make use of full-color night vision. You can even make the decision for weatherproof turrets to keep your professional outdoor security camera protected from the elements.

You can also opt for small model sizes, if you are looking to keep them inconspicuous or perhaps your small business is simply limited on space. And in addition to size, you can select a wired security camera system that contains anywhere from 4 to 64 cameras working together.

Other top rated camera security systems come in the form of coaxial security systems. While you certainly might be familiar with a coaxial cable, don’t for a second disregard it as a piece of dated technology. Coaxial cables have proven their benefit time and time again. Specifically, their data processing and transfer power is incredibly reliable and efficient. And when it comes to setting up coaxial security systems, it is basically plug and play.

This ease can be beneficial for any small business who wants the reliability and protection of a high quality surveillance system, but doesn’t want to stress over the difficulties of setting it up or worry about the high cost that might be affiliated.

And while coaxial security systems are cheaper than HD systems, they are no less effective. With a full range of color and night vision, and the ability to handle up to 16 channels, these wired security camera systems are some of the best you can buy. Plus, you can even maintain your aesthetic by choosing either bullet-style or turret cameras, so the cameras won’t stand out like awkward technology in your business, but fit in nice and sleek.

Keep Your Small Business Secure

When it comes to running your small business, you understand the ins and outs better than anyone. But when it comes to making sure your small business is safe and secure, turn to the professionals. Reach out to us and let’s nail down the best wired security camera system that works for your business, gives you peace of mind, and keeps everything you care about secure.

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