5 Places to Put Your Outdoor Security Camera System

A homeowner installs a security camera on the exterior of the top floor of the property.

An outdoor security camera system for your home or business can help keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe.

The deterrent effect of a security system is clear. The evidence a camera system can provide if an incident does occur is similarly valuable.

But the best outdoor wireless security camera system is one that can see as much as possible. Planning camera coverage is different for every home. However, there are some steps you can take to make planning and installation a little easier.

Let’s start with some foundational guidance for creating your own home security system strategy. Then, we’ll list some common and effective locations to place your cameras to help with the process.

Outdoor Security Camera System Planning and Strategy: Getting Started

As you start thinking about your outdoor security camera system, consider its potential uses. 

The benefits of a camera system for home security, or to protect any other piece of property, are obvious. You may also want to use a camera to see if a delivery person is approaching. Or, you might want to make sure your kids or pets don’t play too close to the road.

Take all of those goals into account as you move forward with your project. At this early point, you should also begin to consider some special features or the different functionality offered by certain security cameras:

Your Outdoor Security Camera System Plan on Paper

A diagram is valuable for every project, including installing your outdoor security camera system. Even starting with a rough sketch can make it easier to start thinking through the details and refining your concept.

Bob Vila suggests drawing a basic map of your home. Then, mark home entrances and any areas of concern as a first step. Those concerns could be:

  • A shed where you store expensive tools or other belongings.
  • An intersection where accidents or theft frequently occur.
  • Areas where a camera needs very specific placement to avoid an obstruction.

For places where lots of camera coverage is required, check out our guide to the best security camera systems for large properties to learn more.

You should also think about marking your first-floor windows.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that 81% of burglars enter through the first floor. More specifically:

  • 34% enter a home through the front door.
  • 23% find access through a window on the first floor.
  • 22% use the back door.

Including these common entry points in your plan can improve security.

With that map in hand, you can more easily decide where to start placing your outdoor security cameras. Let’s look at some common locations.

A security camera mounted on the exterior of a home sits in the foreground, with a yard and side of the home in the background.

Where to Install Your Outdoor Security Cameras

1. Your Front Door 

We now know that it’s common for burglars to use a front door to enter a home. As CNet points out, package thieves also commonly target this area of your home.

For many homes, all guests and many visitors, welcome or not, will approach the front door. Make sure that you place a camera in a position with a good field of view, so it can capture people approaching as well as standing directly in front of the door.

If your family and guests regularly use a different entrance, consider that to be your front door. Ideally, you’d place cameras at all entrances.

2. Your First-Floor Windows

First-floor windows are a popular choice for burglars as well as potentially easy targets for vandals. Including them in your outdoor security camera system strategy can definitely pay off.

Pay close attention to windows hidden from public view, whether they’re behind shrubs or face into a mostly secluded backyard. These can be especially attractive for breaking and entering.

3. Other Home Entrances

Does your garage open directly into your home? Is an exterior cellar door easily visible to people passing by?

Make sure your cameras can capture activity around any and all entrances to your home. These are the weak points that might be targeted by criminals.

4. Sheds, Pools and Other Outbuildings and Structures

Your personal needs and the layout of your property will definitely influence camera placement around sheds, pools, and similar structures.

If you only keep potting soil and gardening hand tools in a small shed, a camera may be a low priority. But if you store more valuable items inside, it could be well worth adding a camera to keep tabs on any activity.

Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your pool at all times, or better protect your large garden. An outdoor security camera system can help you do exactly that.

5. Your Yards and Driveways

Plenty of people will use your driveway and pass by your front or back lawn. 

With cameras, you can check the footage for suspicious activity, like people repeatedly walking or driving past or lingering near the edge of your property.

You can also place cameras conspicuously to deter that from happening in the first place.

Make Your Security Plans a Reality

An outdoor security camera system is a great idea, but it needs to be installed before you can start getting the benefits it provides. 

GW Security has a wide range of security camera solutions for all types of homes, businesses, and other properties.

Get your security system today!

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