Temperature Tracking for Different Situations

Temperature tracking is one of the most important ways for businesses to stay open and safe during the pandemic. Sometimes it is not plausible to have employees checking every person coming in or out a building, due to the volume of people and the high risk of possible exposure. Using a high accuracy temperature tracker provides an extra barrier of protection, while reducing exposure and allowing for more physical distancing.

GW offers two temperature trackers for different needs.

GWSD2000 front compressed
A110 2 compressed
  • Access Control: limit who has entry into a designated area to those who have masks and healthy body temperatures
  • Facial Recognition Distance: 0.5m to 2.3m (~1.6ft to 7.5ft)
  • Body Temperature Measuring Distance: 0.5m to 1.5m (~1.6ft to 4.9ft); Most accurate at 0.75m (~2.5ft) away.
  • Body Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.3℃
  • Response Speed: ~200 milliseconds
  • Mask Detection
  • Database stores up to 30,000 faces
  • Built-in Speakers: can issue voice reminders
  • Options: table stand or 1.1m (3.6ft) stand
mask policy

Mask Detection

Detects both mask usage and healthy body temperature, letting this person pass.

mask voice reminder

Voice Reminders

Within healthy temperature range, but not wearing a mask. A voice reminder issued to remind to wear masks.

high temp alert

High Temperature Alert

Detects mask usage, but reads a person’s high body temperature. An alert goes off.

GW2137TIP 1 small
  • Body Temperature Measuring Distance: Up to 3m (~9.8ft)
  • Temperature Range: From-15°C to +150°C
  • Body Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.3℃
  • Temperature Measurement: Support global and local temperature
  • Thermal Image Processing Technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR
  • Bi-Spectrum Image Fusion: Fusion view of thermal and overlaid details of the optical channel
  • IP66: Highest level dust protection; impervious to precipitation or hose-directed water streams, blowing snow, and sleet.
  • Face Snapping: Built-in deep learning AI algorithm; supports simultaneous detection of 20 to 30 faces
  • Equipped with a 1/4″ screw hole to mount on any 1/4″ screw tripod or station
  • thermal2

    Temperature Reading at a Distance

    Multi-person measurements up to 3m distances, enabling fast and non-contact access.

    imageedit 6 9498842751

    Thermal Image Processing

    Built with leading thermal image processing technology. Up to 15 palettes of adjustable color. Reliable temperature-anomaly alarm.



    Applicable in hospitals, airports, subways, commercial buildings, schools, etc.