Types of zoom

What is a digital zoom?

Digital zoom requires no focal adjustment on your camera, making these less of a hassle and bringing down camera prices. This zoom takes the existing recorded images and expand them. You lose none of your camera’s recordings even after zooming in.

What is a optical zoom?

Optical zoom uses adjustable focal lenses, allowing for crisp detail when zooming into the scene. This zoom crops out the rest of the scene, which is particularly helpful when only focusing on one area. You will lose no detail when zooming in.

Which cameras have which zoom?

Fixed Lens Camera



Varifocal Lens Camera



Motorized lens Camera



which zoom is right for you?

Digital Zoom

Pros Cons
Lower cost per camera Will likely to produce blurry pictures/videos
No recording losses from zooming in Ideal only in smaller areas
HD quality, even after zooming Quality diminishes after zooming more than x2 (HD)/x4 (4K)
Great for small areas Not when high quality details really matter

Optical Zoom

Pros Cons
Clear detailed video before/after zooming High cost per camera
Great for focusing on a single, specific area Recordings will be cropped and miss certain areas
Comparable or better than digital zoom at x2 (HD)/x4 (4K) Large blind spots; can cut out a lot of the scene after zooming in
Resusable in many different situations and areas Spending more time setting up