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AI Security Cameras with Facial Recognition

The newest technology to reduce False Alarms!

For complete protection in highly security-sensitive scenarios, GW Security offers a Facial Recognition Solution to meet the precise needs of a diverse range of users. A variety of options for GW Security cameras provides users with the optimal and most suitable camera for their monitoring purposes. Fully and effortlessly integrated users can both monitor and manage facial recognition results, experiencing an intelligent surveillance solution whatever their application.

Example of face detection on GW security camera
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Face Recognition Search

Improve Your Business Operations.

• Facial Detection and Recognition

• Real-time Display of Face Snapshot and Data

• Forensic Face Search and Evidence Export

• Display or Export Search Results in Listing & Chart View

• Trigger Alarm and Action with Preset Criteria

Common Use Cases Of AI Face Search

Face Attendance
Avoid time-and-attendance fraud

Face Attendance

Face recognition based employee attendance systems are fool-proof. The only way an employee can mark his attendance is by using his face, virtually removing any chances of proxy or buddy punching. The time and location are also verified using the internet thus removing any chances of time theft. The face recognition helps to scan the face and makes the job easy to identify that each and every human walks in the work area. The system can calculate each timing of employees and export the data to an Excel sheet.

Capturing an image of the individual’s face
increasing check-in security

Repeat Visitors

Capturing an image of the individual’s face, and accurately matching it within a matter of seconds. Once a match is found, the system is able to customize the experience and pull up information entered during previous visits in order to expedite the process. The system can verify each individual’s identity and determine with high reliability whether the returning visitor is a match within your database.

Retail Management

Increase customer retention and strengthen customer affinity with a loyalty rewards and incentive programs. Using our face recognition cameras you can easily identify, search, detect and locate VIP guests in hotels, shopping centers, resorts, etc. to promptly attend to their needs, track their behavior pattern, and predict locations that they tend to visit.

Crime Suspect

Quickly search for and prove/disprove the presence of suspects (thief, robber, terrorist, etc.) in an incident at certain locations and time.

School Campus Protection

With the recent increase in number of mass shootings in school campuses, there is a need to identify, locate and stop a weapon carrier on campus as soon as possible before he can start shooting. Face Search will enable the authorities to locate the suspect and trace his movements within seconds using multiple camera feeds from different areas on campus. Only one clear image of the suspect’s face is sufficient.

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AI Smart Surveillance .

At GW Security, we believe in empowering you to make the best security decisions for your unique needs. Our advanced security camera system offers a multitude of smart surveillance functions, including Face Recognition, Human Detection & Vehicle Detection, Line Crossing, Perimeter Intrusion, Cross Counting, Stationary Object Detection, Crowd Density Analysis, Queue Length Detection, and Rare Sound Detection. However, it’s important to understand that you can’t enable all of these features simultaneously on every camera.

Why? Because we believe in putting you in control. You have the power to customize each camera to suit your specific needs.

Heres how

Human & Vehicle Detection

Perfect for monitoring human activity in spaces like offices, warehouses, or residences. Prioritize vehicle movement in locations like parking lots, driveways, or loading areas.

Face Recognition

Ideal for areas where recognizing individuals is paramount, such as entryways and high-traffic zones. The camera has the ability to distinguish familiar faces from unknown ones.

Line Crossing

Create virtual boundaries and receive alerts when they’re crossed, enhancing perimeter security.

Perimeter Intrusion

Safeguard your property by detecting unauthorized access along the edges of your premises.

Cross Counting

Monitor the flow of people through designated points, offering insights into foot traffic.

Stationary Object Detection

Protect your assets by being alerted when something is removed from a designated area.

Crowd Density Analysis

Stay informed about crowd size and movement, useful for events or public spaces.

Queue Length Detection

Optimize customer service by monitoring and managing waiting times

The power is in your hands to choose the right setting for each camera, tailoring your surveillance to meet your specific requirements. You’re not just investing in security; you’re investing in a security solution that’s as unique as your needs.

Should you have any questions or need assistance configuring your cameras, our dedicated support team is always ready to help. Contact us today to create your personalized, comprehensive security strategy.