Adobe Flash Player – End of Life – January 11, 2021

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Our recorders and IP cameras have viewing and access options that are not dependent on Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported as of January 11, 2021.

Internet Explorer is the only browser option as IE still works on plugins rather than Flash Player.

Client software is another PC/laptop viewing option for most users.

The software is downloaded onto a computer or laptop allowing system viewing and settings access without using a browser.

Client software is available to download from the technical support section of our website.

Each model series of recorder has its own version of client software. Download the client software for the model series recorder you are using.

Our YouTube channel has videos on client software setup and use for our 93/94/95 dvr/xvr’s, 55series nvr’s and 78series xvr/nvr’s. Click Here for our full list of tutorial videos.

If you have NVR model series 21xx/22xx/24xx the only option to view from a PC/laptop is the client software CMS3000. Please watch this tutorial prior to installing CMS3000 for the necessary information for proper installation of the software: CMS3000 tutorial video

Click Here to download our CMS3000 Software