Wired capabilities at wireless convenience

Wi-Fi & True Wireless

The freedom to install anywhere giving you ultimate control. Simply locate, mount & connect to recorder wirelessly.


Long Distance Wireless Range

These wire-free cameras can transmit data when completely unobstructed. In situations that are not ideal for running long wires across long distances, wire-free cameras provide an excellent solution to these issues. Equipped with a built-in antenna, these cameras give the ease of flexibility to place multiple across a wide area.

Spotlight Feature

Scare intruders away with spotlight IP cameras. These ultra-bright spotlight cameras can sufficiently blind intruders and make it easier for you to identify them in live camera footage. Stop them in their tracks before they cause any damage to your property.

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24/7 Recording

Excellent Day and Night Vision

GW’s high-quality LEDs allow these HD IP cameras to see in complete darkness for 24-hour-a-day protection. GW Cameras use the latest high intensity IR LED technologies for maximum coverage. The image shown is an actual capture from a 4K camera in total darkness.

IR range and image quality can be affected by surfaces that absorb or reflect the IR light differently when in total darkness. Camera location or position may need to be adjusted to optimize the images. Some ambient lighting provides the best results for night surveillance.

Product comparison



Focal Length

Max. Aperture Ratio

Angular Field of View


Transmission Distance



Spotlight Deterrence

Battery Operated Active Deterrence

Two-Way Audio


Chatbots: 2MP 1080p HD

24/7 Support: 3.6mm Fixed Lens

Teams: F2.4

Storage: 105°

Storage: 40FT

Storage: 980FT (Empty No Interference Distance)

Storage: ✔️

Storage: IP66

Storage: ✔️

Storage: No

Storage: No


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GW4CH2538BWIFI no icon

Chatbots: 2MP 1080p HD

24/7 Support: 2.8mm Fixed Lens

Teams: F1.6

Storage: 118°

Storage: 65FT

Storage: 165FT (Empty No Interference Distance)

Storage: ✔️

Storage: IP66

Storage: ✔️

Storage: ✔️

Storage: ✔️


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