How Important Is it Having an Indoor Security Camera With Audio Vs One Without Audio?

Person using indoor security camera with audio at work to check on property

When it comes time to choose an indoor security camera system, there are a lot of considerations. Not only do you want a system with the best video quality and ample cloud storage, but you can also choose between features like motion detection, night vision, and audio.

Now, you might think that audio isn’t an essential feature of your devices since their purpose is to capture videos and images. However, indoor security cameras with audio can vastly improve your surveillance abilities.

Read on to learn more about the importance of sound as part of your home security system along with some of the best indoor security cameras with audio.

Benefits of Indoor Security Cameras With Audio

Indoor home security cameras with audio offer the ability to record sound along with video. Here are a handful of the benefits of utilizing security systems with audio.

Reduce Blind Spots

Wireless indoor security cameras with audio are easy to install around your home or business. This means you can utilize audio to account for any blind spots. 

For instance, your indoor security camera on WiFi with audio can be placed anywhere though it may still not have a total 360 field of view of the room it’s in. Built-in microphone cameras are perfect for recording even the quietest audible disturbance. The audio recordings will offer crisp, clear-quality sound even if people aren’t in the frame.

Get to the Truth

While visuals are undoubtedly important, they can sometimes be misleading without audio. For instance, are the two strangers on your porch plotting a break-in, or are they simply salesmen? Having this peace of mind is why nearly 2 in 10 Americans have video doorbells, according to Consumer Reports.

Or, you can get to the bottom of which kid broke the TV that’s just out of frame with crystal-clear audio of the incident.

Audio makes it easier to understand what’s happening in a recording, which is beneficial for making smarter, faster decisions when it comes to security.

Communicate with Two-Way Audio

An indoor security camera with audio doesn’t only allow you to record sound, but it can let you directly communicate with two-way audio. This feature is ideal for a home security system since it enables you to check in on your property no matter where you are. 

This can be as simple as saying hi to the kids when they get home from school (or keeping them out of trouble when they’re home alone) to talking with delivery drivers when they’re dropping off a package on your porch.

Indoor security cameras with audio can also help deter crime. Stop intruders in their tracks by giving a warning with two-way audio.

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